Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Memories of Convention!

I had such a wonderful time last week at the Close to My Heart Annual Convention in Washington D.C.! Looking at my photos I find it hard to believe how much we were able to fit into one week's time! I created so many memories and took so many photos, that I'm sure I'll have an entire scrapbook just for this one convention! It was A-MA-ZING! Close to My Heart really knows how to plan an event and every year it gets better and better!

I took over 350 photos, so I thought I'd narrow it down and share my Top 5 Favorite Memories from Convention, so you can see just a few of the fun things we get to do as Close to My Heart Consultants!

#5. The 4th of July Celebration! My friend and fellow Director Melissa Robinson and I got a spot on the grassy hillside in front of the Gaylord National Hotel at 4 pm when the gates opened and parked ourselves there to wait for the 4th of July Fireworks. It was 100+ degrees and so humid, but we are determined gals and we 'held down the fort' while we watched a Beach Boys Tribute Band and then an Eagles Tribute Band. We used sunscreen, but still managed to get a little sunburned. LOL!

Sheila Wilkerson and I trying to cool off with a cold drink. 

Melissa Robinson and I on the 4th of July.

Amazing fireworks display in the Nation's Capitol! 

#4. Getting to see so many of the monuments and historical sites for the first time! It was my first trip to Washington D.C. and I was able to see so many things that I've only read about! So much amazing history! I loved it! 

A photo in front of the White House after getting to take a tour inside! Incredible!

Standing outside the gates of the White House after our tour. 

The changing of the guards at 'The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'. 

Arlington National Cemetery. 

#3. Connecting with the consultants on my team! I have such a great team and really enjoy getting to spend time with them! We may only see each other once or twice a year, but we LOVE being together!

My Leadership Dinner. Pictured from left to right: Teri Baxter, Melissa Robinson, 
Carol Harris, Carrie Burdette, me, Rita Mefford and Heather Snow. 

The Directors on my Team - Teri Baxter, Stacy Park, myself and Carol Harris. 

#2. Director's Dinner! Close to My Heart whisks all the Directors in the company off to dinner one night at Convention to an undisclosed location. It is always SO MUCH FUN and they treat us like royalty! This year they took us on a dinner cruise on the Odyssey. We had a wonderful dinner, beautiful view of the monuments lit up at night along the Potomac River and great fellowship! We had a wonderful evening! Thank you Close to My Heart! 

Me, Melissa Robinson and Teri Baxter before the Director's Dinner.

Team Directors - Me, Michelle Snyder (my 2nd upline), Teri Baxter, 
Stacy Park, Janene Wawro (my first upline) and Carol Harris. 

#1. Awards Gala! I have always love awards night, but this year it was even better! Several of my team members were recognized and received awards and it was AWESOME to be able to share that with them! I am so proud of their accomplishments! 

Etta Langford, Stacy Park and I on Awards Night. We had special 
seating in the front row for Award Recipients. 

Etta received THREE awards this year and it 
was her very first convention! WOW! She was the Top New 
Consultant in the company based on sales! She also got #9 in 
sales in the entire company for the year and was a Rising Star 
Award Recipient this year! Congratulations Etta! 

Stacy is a brand new Director on my team 
this year and received an award for being the #4 
Recruiter in the company for 2009-2010! 
Way to go Stacy! 

I was recognized for being #3 in sales in the U.S. this year and 
for earning the Centennial Club Award! This photo was taken 
at a special Awards Reception following the Awards Gala. We had 
professional photos taken with Jeanette Lynton, our founder and CEO. 
Pictured with me here are Lynn Como, #1 in Sales for 2009-2010 and Brian Holman, 
our V.P of I.T. Congratulations Lynn! 

I have SO many more fun memories of Convention 2010! I can't wait to get 
started on my scrapbook! I absolutely love that I get paid to scrapbook my memories! 
If Convention sounds like something you'd enjoy doing, contact me with any questions 
you might have! I'm always looking for fun, positive, hard-working new people to join my team! 
They announced at our final banquet that we will be traveling to Anaheim, California next summer for Convention and staying in the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel! I can't wait! 
Join me, won't you? 


  1. See you at the Disneyland Hotel!!!

  2. Truly an amazing week with you, Cindy. Thanks for all the goodies, fun & most of all your friendship. See you at Disney! Love U!

  3. YEAH! It was a GREAT and AMAZING week - I was so glad to share it with you! Looking ahead for Anaheim...


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