Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fun Night Out!

I had a wonderful night out for my birthday! My hubby surprised me Saturday night and got tickets to Granbury Live! Granbury Live is an old-time theater on the Granbury Town Square that does live music concerts every weekend. If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and enjoy music, you definitely need to go sometime! Last year, I surprised my husband for Christmas and got him season tickets, so we had date night every month all year long at Granbury Live! So much fun! Last night's concert was 'All American Country' and if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE country music! LOL! I got to hear lots of favorites - including my all-time favorite song 'Cowboy Sweetheart', performed by Lani Stacy. She did an amazing job and she can yodel like nobody's business!

One of my customers, Alecia Echols,  is a vocalist at Granbury Live and her husband Mike is an amazing fiddle player. My favorite part of every show at Granbury Live is when they perform 'Amazing Grace' together. It's just beautiful and always brings tears to my eyes. Love you Alecia! You are SO very talented!

Another one of my customers, Kathy Carlson, and her husband Pete, are frequent visitors to Granbury Live and we ran in to them last night and were seated just two seats apart in the same row! Too fun!

Thanks to everyone at Granbury Live for a great birthday and to my sweet hubby for being so thoughtful and knowing me so well. Also, thanks to everyone for all of the cards, emails, flowers, calls, texts and facebook posts! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your friendship more than you could know!

Here are some photos from my night out on the town:

Ronnie and I in front of the house before we headed out. 

Ronnie and I in front of Granbury Live. Can you tell it had been pouring down rain? LOL! 

Mike Echols burning up the fiddle!

Cindy with Alecia and Mike Echols

Cindy with Alecia Echols and Kathy Carlson at Granbury Live. 

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